Consultants in Noise and Acoustics for the Environment, Buildings
and the Workplace

Agility Acoustics Ltd provide environmental noise and vibration assessments for proposed new and change of use developments, environmental noise and vibration compliance monitoring, sound insulation and acoustic
design advice for noise sensitive spaces and for Building Regulations,
and assessment of employee exposure to noise in the workplace.

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Our Services

Feasibility & Constraints
Noise Assessments

Noise surveys and assessment to determine noise related development constraints and assist in bidding, buying, tendering or masterplanning.

Outline Application
Noise Assessments

Noise assessment to establish the planning principal for new residential, commercial, industrial and entertainment developments.

Full Application
Noise Assessments

Noise assessments for full or reserved matters applications to demonstrate how noise impact will be controlled.

Sound Insulation
Design Advice

Building Regulations (Part E), offices, schools colleges and universities, healthcare, social, community and entertainment premises.

Sound Insulation Testing

Building Regulations, and compliance testing for BREEAM HEA/POL 05, and SKA ratings, BB93 (Education), and HTM-08-01 (Healthcare).

Compliance Monitoring

Post-construction and on-going noise monitoring surveys and assessments to determine compliance with relevant acoustic, noise and vibration criteria for planning, contractual or health and safety reasons.

Noise at Work Regulations

Measurement and assessment of employee exposure to noise in the workplace, often requested following a health and safety audit or by an insurance provider.



New or change of use, small or large scale residential developments.

Commercial / Retail

Assessments for new, change of use, or for a variation of planning condition/s.


Assessment of noise for planning, compliance, and investigation of complaints.


BB93 asessments and advice for schools and collegues, and assessment and advice for HE, FE and University establishments.


HTM-08-01 assessments for new, change of use and refurbished healthcare developments.

Community & Social

Noise assessments and appraisals for churches, community halls, sports centres and other comunity spaces.


Assessment of new or realigned road and rail construction projects.

About Agility Acoustics Ltd

We are a small, independent team of dedicated and accomplished acoustic experts with taste for interesting and challenging projects. We are based in Manchester, but service the entire UK, and were borne from a desire to better serve the demanding needs of our clients, their projects and their timescales. 

Our consultants have over 10 years’ experience in almost all aspects of acoustics, noise and vibration consultancy, from small single dwelling projects to multi-million pound mixed use developments, and so we're well placed to assist almost every client. We take an honest and robust approach to our work, and in the event that we're unable to assist, we will always try and put you in touch with another reputable consultancy that can.

White Label Services

Agility Acoustics Ltd can provide white label services to other consultancies including;
  • noise surveys
  • assistance with long term or compliance monitoring
  • noise at work surveys and assessments
  • site inspections
  • initial site appraisals
Contact us on 0330 122 1405 for more information and to see how we can help.